Contextualizing Confederate Monuments

Recently in and around Atlanta, efforts have been made to reshape how we view and understand our history through what is memorialized around us. Last month, in Piedmont Park and other locations, panels were installed that provide more information about when and why monuments glorifying aspects of the Confederacy were erected.

And just last week, a marker was installed in Decatur explaining the ignorant and racist roots of its nearby monument. It is further explained in this AJC article:

The reasons for this contextualization, rather than the outright removal of the monuments, is because of state law that prohibits their removal, even if local communities do not want them.

The FCRC is dedicated to highlighting untold history that runs counter to the narratives purported by Confederate monuments and “lost cause” mentality. Our Stories From the Soil Exhibit reminds all who see it of the human cost of white supremacy.